History of Kho - Kho - Kho - Kho is an Indigenous game, Which is said to have its origin in Akharas ( The Wrestling School ) and Vyayamshalas ( The Health and Fitness Club ) in Maharashtra. References to a game like Kho Kho are found in the Hindu Epics. The game is very popular in India especially in Maharashtra and Karnataka. In 1914 the Deccan Gymkhana first conducted the tournament of Kho - Kho where it appeared in its present form with the efforts of Shri Hanuman Vyayam Prasarak Mandal. Amravati.
The Akhil Maharashtra Sharirak Shiksham Mandal formed in 1928, was also instrumental in popularizing this game even beyond the geographical boundaries of Maharashtra. Kho - Kho Federation of India was formed in 1958, and its affiliation with and recognition by the Indian Olympics Association a little later gave Kho - Kho a national status.This game is adopted by Schools and Colleges today . Kho - kho enjoys popularity at par with others games and sports in the country and even in many other foreign countries. It is slowly becoming popular in neighbouring countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri lanka.