History of Kabaddi - The birthplace of Kabaddi is India. Even in ancient time Kabaddi was played and it was popular known as Do-Do. During Mahabharat period Kabaddi was known by the name of one respiration It in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh it is known as HU-TU-TU Deccan gymkhana at Pune published the rule book of Kabaddi in 1923.
All India Kabaddi was held at Barodra in 1923. Again the rules were revised in 1934. Sanjeevani, Gaminne and Amar are three popular versions of Kabaddi but under rules of Kabaddi Federation of India only Sanjeevani is officially recognized as the national style. Indian Kabaddi Association was constituted in 1951.Many offers were made to make Kabaddi an Olympic games event but all in vain. Kabaddi is very popular in Asian countries like Myanmar, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iran, Nepal, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. Kabaddi is introduced in Asian games in 1990 and India won Gold Medal against Pakistan.