World History of Football - The contemporary history of world favourite game spans a over period of 150 years.The football association in England was formed in 1863 , becoming the sport's first governing body. Scotland V/S England ( 1872 ) was the first ever official international association football match . The match took place on 30th Nov.1872 , west of Scotland Cricket Club’s ground at Hamilton Crescent in Partick, Scotland. The first world cup was held in 1930 in Uruguay. Founded on June 2, 1886, The Federation of International Football Association ( FIFA ) is the governing body of the world Soccer.

History of Indian Football - The history of Indian football is a long and detailed one. As it was a national sport at that time. There are evidences of refereed team football games being played in the Indian army since 1949. India is home to some of the oldest football clubs in the world and the world's third oldest competition, The Durand cup. Calcutta FC was the first club to be established in 1872. In 1889 India’s oldest team Mohan Bagan A.C was founded as Mohan Bagan Sporting Club.The Indian football association was founded in 1893 but it did not have a single Indian on its board.