World History of Volleyball - The game of Volleyball, originally called Mintonette was discovered in 1885 by William G Morgan four years after the discovery of Basketball . Morgan designed the game to be a combination of Basketball, Baseball, Tennis and Handball. The first Volleyball net borrowed from tennis was only 66 high. The offensive style of setting and spiking was first demonstrated in Philippines in 1916 . in 1928 united states Volleyball Association ( USVBA ) was formed. In 1947, the Federation Internationale De Volleyball ( FIVB) was founded. Volleyball was introduced to the Tokyo Olympic games in 1964.
Indian History of Volleyball - The Volleyball Federation of India was formed in the year 1951. Prior to the formation of the Volleyball Federation of India ( VFI ) the game was controlled by the Indian Olympic Association ( IOA ) Volleyball in India is a popular sport that is played in various regions of India and several reputed Volleyball tournaments are also organised. Volleyball in India was introduced by a physical education instructor who came from abroad around 70 years ago.The Indian Volleyball Team secured third place and the bronze at Asian games in 1958 at Tokyo, the year in which the game was first introduced in the event.